Runways & Backstage

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Fashion weeks are the place where it all happens; from there the images are distributed to all parts of the globe. Our photographers attend runway shows at fashion weeks in New York,london, Milan, Paris, Brazil and Miami among other places. We are able to provide you with images of up to the minute shows taking place.

In each show months of preparation boils down to a 15-minute showcase. Everyone’s nervous and the pressure for perfection is high. The fashion designer’s creations come to life.

The photographer has to translate the mood and designs of the clothing in this high paced frenzied environment in a way that people can understand and interpret it. What happens at the fashion weeks lay the premise of what is to come in the fashion world. The shots are taken at speeds unlike any other, since you only have that moment to do it. If you don’t get the shot there and then, it’s gone. You don’t get a second chance.

Our talented crew of photographers have been shooting runway shows for many years. These highly respected individuals have risen among the ranks after establishing relationships with key individuals in the industry such as producers, designers and PR representatives. They are able to capture a look in a second.