Luisa Franco

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Luisa Franco, born and raise in Bogotá, Colombia. She began her passion for the makeup when she was only a teenager. For her, makeup is not a simple activity, is an art, a lifestyle, a way to express her love and fascination for beauty and perfection. Known for her outgoing personality and professionalism, Luisa has worked for numerous TV Commercials and Music Videos. Her experience in fashion and television has strengthened her skills into becoming a professional and well known make-up artist in Florida. She has been privilege to work with many talented people of the industry like Thalia, Lenny Kravitz, Paulina Rubio, Carlos Vives and Juanes along with other great performers in both music and television.

Luisa is a dreamer and she is always looking to achieve her dreams, she is always learning from the best and she is never afraid to face a new idea or concept. She is art and beauty all together. Her gift is to inspire other, to make people feel great about themselves, to give them the freedom to explore the unknown, and to have fun while they are doing it.